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This Kind of Fuckery

I'm gonna talk about temptation today - the temptation to eat sweets and drink bubbling sugary caffeine goodness that is coursing through me right now. Also, the temptation to smack a ... well, you know. It actually, has been a lot easier than I thought to stay away from sweets for the couple of weeks… Continue reading This Kind of Fuckery

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Green Tea FTW!

Did I say this wouldn't become a weight-loss blog? I may have lied... Because OMG you guys, I've got diet stuff to talk about again. Haha... I swear at some point I'll change topic again... Let's just consider this a "weight-loss series" in the meantime... Like I totally meant to do this. So last time… Continue reading Green Tea FTW!

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Svea Memory #1

**Back on topic for my BFF Memory posts 🙂 ** In 1998, Ethiopia and Eritrea went to war. Many of the diplomat kids and families were  shuttled out of the country within the year - with only essential personnel remaining behind. This meant that my dad stayed behind as me, my sisters, and my mum… Continue reading Svea Memory #1