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You and Me, Emma

Dane and I are talking again... To an extent. For those of you that have followed me for the past several years, I'm sure you are sighing and rolling your eyes at this point. "What the fuck, Emma," I hear you mutter under your breath. "Just walk away and for fucks' sake stay away." Ok,… Continue reading You and Me, Emma

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Being a Nothing-of-Consequence

My anxiety is rising. I was in a good mood earlier today, and I plan on feeling okay tomorrow... The thing is that as the holiday season starts, I am catching ripples of anxiety - like waves of salt hitting my face, suddenly so that I don't have time to close my mouth. I sputter… Continue reading Being a Nothing-of-Consequence

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It was good to hear him laugh

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I hope. Apologies that I've been MIA somewhat again. I started a new position in which I am training Full Time at a facility that's an hour away from my home at the moment. Will continue to do so for another two or three weeks before going to the… Continue reading It was good to hear him laugh

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Until then… Bye Dane.

I let a friendship go today. Not just any friendship, a best-friendship. Something I've been mulling over for a while now, and while I was sitting in church this morning; likely listening to a very similar sermon to what he'd be listening to, I knew I just needed to rip the bandage off and get… Continue reading Until then… Bye Dane.

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A really small gang

I mentioned Dane in passing during a conversation last night. I was discussing about what an ass I can be to my friends – in love… I’m an ass that acts out out of love… Haha. If I flick my middle finger at you, or call you dumb or any other derogatory term to your… Continue reading A really small gang

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It’s a Shame

It's a shame. It's a shame that he never appeared to care as much as I did. It's a shame that even with a decade and a half of maturing under our belts, we still can't get passed old behaviors. So I got older, so I took the chance and laid myself bare to him… Continue reading It’s a Shame

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Toxic Friendships

I wrote up a nice long blog post about Maja – because initially during a conversation we had a few weeks ago about growing up without her mother, she said “Put it in your blog!” But once I wrote it I knew it would be a tad too personal and a few people she knows… Continue reading Toxic Friendships

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Dear David

  Dear David, Let's be honest here, I'm only writing this because I know you'll likely never see it - and if you do, maybe you wouldn't realize it is for you (since I changed your name and all.) I've done a lot of thinking about the past while I have been in process of… Continue reading Dear David

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Dane Memory #1

I decided to write a few specific memories to do with my BFFs, the main long term ones are Svea, Maja, and Dane. All three are featured pretty prominently in the book, but so far I have only really written about Svea on this blog. To give some basic background about Dane before I start… Continue reading Dane Memory #1