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As Betty would say: “My People Are Nordic.”

The thing about the new Facebook trend of posting pictures of three characters that represent you is that how the fuck can I choose? This is actually one FB trend that interests me and I might actually care to join in on... I rarely do the trending things on my FB... I have a 'not gonna… Continue reading As Betty would say: “My People Are Nordic.”

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Sansa, My Queen

I did pretty well keeping away from Game of Thrones Spoilers this week... I don't have the appropriate channel package to allow me to watch it when it airs... so I usually see it anywhere from 2 days to a week late because my friend records it and graciously allows me to come over to… Continue reading Sansa, My Queen

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Yes, it’s me… Sansa Stark

Hey, remember when I said Sansa Stark was my spirit animal? Well, I decided if that was the case, I OBVIOUSLY had to dress as her for Halloween last night. Without the cape I may have slightly resembled Cersei a little more... but... shhhh.... 😉 It is Spring time in the desert for me so… Continue reading Yes, it’s me… Sansa Stark


Mad Men and shit

I have been ill the past few days. Really it's been on and off for a few weeks... but the past couple days I have called out for a day and a half so far and have just notified work that I won't be in tomorrow as well. So why haven't I written a blog… Continue reading Mad Men and shit

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I’m a Sansa double

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Sansa Stark is my Spirit animal... just now I took a quiz off of Variety to determine which GOT character I would be ...when "Sansa Stark" popped up I was like "Heck Yeah!" 🙂 I also want to assure you before we go any further that… Continue reading I’m a Sansa double

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Sansa Stark is my Spirit Animal

I've been a bit behind on Game of Thrones, so I sat down yesterday and caught myself up. I must say that Sansa Stark has the worst possible luck with men and now I feel like I have no room to complain about any of my past negative relationships. Damn Girl. I've liked Sansa from… Continue reading Sansa Stark is my Spirit Animal