Tee hee heeeeeee

My husband came down to the living room where I was sitting, watching TV, to inform me he had a new story for my blog. I had free reign over the words that followed  to share with the masses.

He had just been taking a bath, trying to warm up after a long day out in the cold, rainy, outdoors. He thought about how I commented the other day that his sandy colored hair was soft. As such, he decided he’d try putting conditioner in it just to see if it would become even softer/silkier. It’s not something he usually does.

He picked up my new conditioner that is from Revlon’s new ColorSilk color protect line – for Black.

It was a blue color, which didn’t concern him as he used to use Selsun Blue… So it didn’t seem odd to him. The bottle said to leave it in for five minutes, so he ran it thoroughly through his very red beard and his sandy blond hair.

After a few minutes he noticed a black streak running down his face. He looked down at his beard and his beard was black!

He said he nearly shit himself as he quickly started rinsing it all out… scrubbing as he did so.¬† It didn’t come out immediately, so he scrubbed his head and face for 10 minutes and still his hair was darker than it should be. He got the majority of his true color back…. but his beard is still a darker red and his hair is still tinted a blue-black:


AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA…. I giggled to the point of tears again. He was telling me how silly I was the other day about how I still laugh to tears over scaring him over a year ago… I told him this may just make the laugh-to-tears-even-after-years list too… Hahaha!

He said the thing was that he checked the bottle and no where does it say it will color hair… Yet, the shampoo states clearly that it does not color hair… the conditioner did not say either way. So, I guess the moral of the story is… Don’t use the Revlon ColorSilk Color Protect hair shampoos/conditioners unless you actually have dyed your hair that color (or you want to enhance your natural color that matches the version you’ve bought.)

Also…. Bahahahahaaaaaa!

*PS I love him even though he has noted I tend to laugh only at his pain…. …. …

Party in the back

Earlier today I got into a conversation with Fattymccupcakes on her post about the hair style her mother made her wear that she strongly disliked…. In discussing hairstyles our mothers made us have as children, I explained to her that for awhile in the mid eighties my mother made me wear a very mullet-like hairstyle. I Hated it… HATED it. I remember asking my mother to do something different and she refused because… well… because I guess she liked it that way.

Eventually my mom cut my hair around shoulder length to avoid big thick-hair rats nests that would cause me grief. Around mid-elementary it got chopped off and became much easier to care ofr. I didn’t start really growing my hair out again until 6th or 7th grade.

Anyway, in this discussion with Ms Cupcakes, she said she absolutely must see mullet-hair-Rae… So here you go, some pictures of me with horrible mullet kid hair. To even out the embarrassment, I’m going to add some other pictures over the years from when I got to start choosing my own styles LOL.

Oh gosh, enough of that… Why couldn’t she have just let me keep this hair:


At least it was a little more normal LOL… Also it was not my hair upsetting me in this picture. I was perturbed about the having to go to a new school and wearing a uniform.

Alright, now for the less embarrassing hair pictures through the years:

Ahhhh… That’s better.