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Dear Cadets

**As those of you that have read my book at all would know: I am the Superintendent of Cadets for the local St John Ambulance Centre. My senior cadets range in age from 11-18, and this is a post geared toward them and any other youth that may read this blog.**   Dear Cadets, I… Continue reading Dear Cadets

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Happy Memory #5 – Dancing in the Rain

  His name was Andre and we were 19. I'd known him for awhile, we dated for three or four weeks when we were 16. After I moved away, we lost contact... only getting back in touch shortly before I moved back stateside after graduation. We decided to give it another go. Andre was, for… Continue reading Happy Memory #5 – Dancing in the Rain

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Taylor Swift gets me

Listening to Taylor Swift as my theme at the moment. I generally start to get in a depressive mood around March and April - but it is threatening to come early this year. I decided that Taylor Swift would help me "Shake it off." So I've been listening to her for the past several days… Continue reading Taylor Swift gets me