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Scary eyes

Now - back to some more regular programming. LOL as in - not just a whole bunch of pictures. Back to old themes and old memories - or in this case memories forgotten. In my first Treasures post, I mentioned a journal entry in one of the journals I shared with Anneke. It was a… Continue reading Scary eyes

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Holy shit you guys!!!!!! I found two of me and Anneke's notebooks from Gymnasium! It's not all I had, but I thought I had lost them all completely! Maybe I'm remembering wrong and she actually did send me a couple of hers.... edit: nope it clearly states on page one of kitty journal that I… Continue reading OMG OMG OMG!!!

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Oh, for Prompt’s sake

Yesterday I stumbled upon the idea of Journal Prompts. I've seen people blog to writing prompts, and while I get the reasoning behind it, or the need some people might feel to use them - I never felt they were worth my time. I write when I want to write and I only write what… Continue reading Oh, for Prompt’s sake

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Anneke and Adam

Anneke and Adam - two old friends I have written very little about, especially on this blog. Two friends from different times in my life. Adam was the name of the boy I mentioned to illicit the first strike from Wyatt when I was 14 or so. We remained pen pals even after I moved… Continue reading Anneke and Adam