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Throwback Thursday: Remembering the ’90s

So I came across this post by The Emma Edit today... and I thought "Hey, it's a Thursday... and, MAN, do I love the '90s..." SO, here I am to answer the same questions from her part one and two on this topic. I know you're excited. You're hiding it well... but I can tell.… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Remembering the ’90s


Knickerbocker Glory

RIGHT ABOUT NOW; The Funk Soul Brother. Check it out now; The Funk Soul Brother. Right about now... Imagine if you will, a gorgeous but chubby raven haired white girl driving home hopped up on a toasted coconut latte, dancing behind the wheel... So graceful is she as she rocks her shoulders back and forth… Continue reading Knickerbocker Glory

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Melodic Memories

The kid was adorable, if I must admit. I call him a kid because he was a year and a half plus a day younger than I  and as teenagers that gap felt enormous. As if that whole extra year and a day really made a difference - I had dated Andre earlier in the… Continue reading Melodic Memories

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Hey Mum

I pulled into Zinger Coffee & Tea's drive through just as Bachelor Girl's song "Buses and Trains" started coming through my speakers. It had been a long time since I'd listened to that song. I liked it as a teen, but hadn't really thought much about the song as a whole. But as I grabbed… Continue reading Hey Mum

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Let Me Entertain You

Last time I mentioned once again my dream part (Rizzo in Grease) and alluded to my love of Broadway again as well. As such I decided today I will talk about some other favorite parts of mine I would love to have done or maybe... One day do... Really I'll be talking about specific musical… Continue reading Let Me Entertain You


I’d turn lesbian for Miranda

Every now and then I talk about my music tastes on this blog. Superficially, you'd notice I'm a HUGE fan of Eve 6, for example. I know I've discussed music from the show Nashville before, Ke$ha, Johnny Gallagher and a few other random artists... I have a very eclectic taste - based primarily on my… Continue reading I’d turn lesbian for Miranda


I’m exhausted, frequently, with no regrets

Started writing this a couple months ago; a description of myself to be honest. A true account of a Friday afternoon at which time I thought "Huh, maybe I could write about this" haha  - about time I finished and posted it for y'all 🙂 Enjoy. (featured image of the road discussed herein from AusEmade… Continue reading I’m exhausted, frequently, with no regrets

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You guys... I swear I've been trying to write something for at least an hour... But...Youtube. Goddammit, youtube! I was drawing a blank on what to write and was playing around on the net,as you do, when I suddenly remembered Svea suggested last week that I needed to check out "Volbeat." A Danish rock band… Continue reading Volbeat

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Voice as Sweet as Salt

A friend posted something on Facebook about a new NOFX album. Well, Fuck, if that didn’t take me back. Imagine, if you will, skinny-minnie Emma in her green corduroy skate pants, or perhaps some baggy jeans with ripped up seams where the bottoms had been walked on beneath the heels of her Airwalks or Vans… Continue reading Voice as Sweet as Salt

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First Kisses, what am I missing?

I feel like I'm missing out on something. I'm missing out on an important piece of nostalgia... I've tried to remember a few times, but it doesn't come to anything. A few days ago as I was driving my car, I had one of my youth girls in the passenger seat and she put in… Continue reading First Kisses, what am I missing?

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Taylor Swift Gets Me : Reprise

While we’re on the topic of Taylor Swift, I went back and perused my posts from February 2015 – when I started this blog – and came across one of the first posts I had written that was also a I-have-a-girl-crush-on-Taylor kind of post. What I had done is compiled and mashed up several of… Continue reading Taylor Swift Gets Me : Reprise

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Our Song – You’ll Always be a Part of Me

As I drove along in the rain drizzle towards work, I listened to Taylor Swift’s Fearless album. It had been awhile since I had listened to Taylor, so I turned it up as I crested over the bridge headed out of town. Firstly, I’d like to say that some of you may know that I… Continue reading Our Song – You’ll Always be a Part of Me

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Maja, älskling

I was certain I was going to take a break from blogging for a few days at least... Maybe a week... I've written quite a lot recently, and I don't want to burn out and write non-quality stuff... and to be honest, I'm not entirely pleased with my last post... meh. Could have been better.… Continue reading Maja, älskling


Eurovision, Bitches!

That time of year has come and passed again. I love watching Eurovision - such a spectacle, and usually I find a handful of songs I wish to continue to listen to even after the show is over. I usually watch both semi-finals and the final - Svea and Maja only watch the final, but… Continue reading Eurovision, Bitches!

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If I didn’t know better

This Easter I started thinking about Tennessee and getting nostalgic; I think mostly because of the connection to my old church and this gave me the strongest feelings regarding this particular event on the religious calendar. So what did I do? I started re-watching Nashville of course. My husband scoffs because the "accents don't sound… Continue reading If I didn’t know better


#FreeKesha: Kesha Vs Sony

You know me; I don’t refer much to current events. I don’t prefer to invite possible conflicts of opinions into my page. I don’t mind healthy debates, but hey – this is the internets and who knows who might come along and disagree in a nasty fashion… anyway, that all being said. Ke$ha you guise.… Continue reading #FreeKesha: Kesha Vs Sony


A friend like Drew

I have spent an ungodly amount of hours on youtube again this week... and I have discovered some gems I'd like to share with you all. First off, check out these absolutely effing hilarious guys... Drew Gasparini is the one playing the piano and is the one who writes the lyrics and composes the music...… Continue reading A friend like Drew

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I don't think I have any real memory of my father without his guitar somewhere in the picture - whether he was playing it or whether the heavy duty velvet lined case was propped up in the corner of the room. It was a steel string that he had had since the seventies - around… Continue reading Ginnie


Mads Veslelia

So, I came across a new hip hop artist through facebook yesterday that I am now completely in love with. I would love for you all to check out his stuff and spread the word about him. It appears that he already has a good following in Norway - where he is from - but… Continue reading Mads Veslelia


Ear Worm

Going through resumes today for a position I'm advertising... came across a copy of someone's driver's license that noted they were born in 1978. So what has been playing in my head ever since 10 AM this morning just moments from when I noted that DOB? (FYI it's after 3 PM now.) GOOD QUESTION. "I… Continue reading Ear Worm