Obligatory New Year’s Post

Oh geez, it's past 11 PM on New Year's day and I still haven't written my obligatory New Year's post... How are you all supposed to know what my resolutions are, or how great or terrible 2017 was, or what my sights for 2018 are if I don't write a blog post about it?! First… Continue reading Obligatory New Year’s Post

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22 a day – Happy Fucking New Years

**Trigger Warning: graphic content/Suicide Personally, i had a good New Years eve - the festivities were muted, but fun with friends around, a few drinks... it was nice. But not everyone had a good New Years... Besides the fact that there is a veteran suicide at the rate of approximately 22 a day, the suicide… Continue reading 22 a day – Happy Fucking New Years


Vi måste Dansa, DANSA!

The unfortunate fact is that I am a married mum of two young kids and that severely restricts what I can and can't do for New Years Eve festivities. Partially for decorum's sake, partially also I don't have the fluid cash flow to take me to Stockholm and go out dancing with Maja as I… Continue reading Vi måste Dansa, DANSA!