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The Keepers

I just watched all 7 hour-long episodes of The Keepers on Netflix - over the course of two evenings. My God, how I wanted to give those ladies a good old fashioned squeeze! Not sure if a bear hug from a stranger would be comforting at all for them, but during episode 3 or 4… Continue reading The Keepers


Rape Culture, or Why We’re Afraid of “Nice Guys”

  You who have been following me for a while will know I rarely make comment on current events in the media. I rarely write posts related to issues that are happening in the political or religious platforms – or anything that people would want to debate… But there is a particular issue in the… Continue reading Rape Culture, or Why We’re Afraid of “Nice Guys”


#FreeKesha: Kesha Vs Sony

You know me; I don’t refer much to current events. I don’t prefer to invite possible conflicts of opinions into my page. I don’t mind healthy debates, but hey – this is the internets and who knows who might come along and disagree in a nasty fashion… anyway, that all being said. Ke$ha you guise.… Continue reading #FreeKesha: Kesha Vs Sony

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When Maja “Saved my life”

I dunno how many of you actually look at comment streams under these blog posts, but in case you are curious about what Maja wrote underneath "So Cool, eller?" I have decided to explain a portion of that night here. Stating that Maja "Saved my life" may be a bit dramatic of me to say… Continue reading When Maja “Saved my life”