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Hashtag MeToo

I've said it many times before. Share your stories, make others aware of the prevalence of the many liberties taken with women without their consent. The first step in changing the rape culture in our society. Now there is a social media trend asking women (and even men!) to make their statuses say "Me Too"… Continue reading Hashtag MeToo

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The Keepers

I just watched all 7 hour-long episodes of The Keepers on Netflix - over the course of two evenings. My God, how I wanted to give those ladies a good old fashioned squeeze! Not sure if a bear hug from a stranger would be comforting at all for them, but during episode 3 or 4… Continue reading The Keepers


Rape Culture, or Why We’re Afraid of “Nice Guys”

  You who have been following me for a while will know I rarely make comment on current events in the media. I rarely write posts related to issues that are happening in the political or religious platforms – or anything that people would want to debate… But there is a particular issue in the… Continue reading Rape Culture, or Why We’re Afraid of “Nice Guys”


#FreeKesha: Kesha Vs Sony

You know me; I don’t refer much to current events. I don’t prefer to invite possible conflicts of opinions into my page. I don’t mind healthy debates, but hey – this is the internets and who knows who might come along and disagree in a nasty fashion… anyway, that all being said. Ke$ha you guise.… Continue reading #FreeKesha: Kesha Vs Sony

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When Maja “Saved my life”

I dunno how many of you actually look at comment streams under these blog posts, but in case you are curious about what Maja wrote underneath "So Cool, eller?" I have decided to explain a portion of that night here. Stating that Maja "Saved my life" may be a bit dramatic of me to say… Continue reading When Maja “Saved my life”