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Danish Hygge Vs Swedish Mysa

It’s become popular in the English-speaking world to reference the Danish word “Hygge,” a somewhat untranslatable word as far as we English speakers go – a word that does not have a direct single word translation in our language. A mystery, perhaps, why we never thought to have our own word for such an activity,… Continue reading Danish Hygge Vs Swedish Mysa

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Just got a new review on Amazon - a 4 star this time - not too shabby 🙂 But the thing that stuck out to me is that the reviewer said  it was a library book... What?! SWEET! My book is in a library in Oklahoma City apparently 🙂 That's kinda cool. It's the little… Continue reading Sweet!


The blogosphere tonight

I keep thinking that I want to write something... just something, but not sure what. A few things ran through my head. Perhaps I'd tell you about my Garfieldesque "I hate Mondays" Monday... but, eh. The annoyances I had to deal with today at the office would likely not interest you all. I opened up… Continue reading The blogosphere tonight