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Glad You Didn’t Die, I Guess

**Fair warning, it's a swearing kinda day** 51 weeks ago, exactly, I wrote about Valentines Day Vs St Patrick's day as a half assed effort to refocus myself from the Lenten/St Patrick's season that I usually become depressed in. This year, however, Valentines day legit starts the actual season of Lent. Ash Wednesday and St… Continue reading Glad You Didn’t Die, I Guess

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Ignoring the Negativity

Ignore the featured picture... Well, no... Don't ignore it - but take note that it doesn't really have much to do with this post. Except... It makes me happy. It is an Alphonse Mucha image and I don't know if I've said it before, but Mucha is my favorite artist. (Shoot! I should have kept… Continue reading Ignoring the Negativity


The sads… and “Happy Fucking New Years” – an update a year later 

I've developed the sads you guys... again. We've arrived in Wisconsin, the house and area are nice enough - suppose I'll end up doing a blog post about it all soon enough. I'm trying to be happy right now, but I'm stressed abd frustrated about so many things. My schooling, my career, the oncoming loneliness… Continue reading The sads… and “Happy Fucking New Years” – an update a year later