Small Mercies in Self Defence

How do I even start? My daughter is taking a martial arts class this year; she goes three times a week. We started her in it primarily because she was dealing with some bullies last year at school and we wanted her to build some confidence and learn some skills to defend herself if need… Continue reading Small Mercies in Self Defence

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Airing my dirty laundry

Sometimes I forget that people might get taken aback when I am frank about my personal life. I've never worried much about "airing the family's dirty laundry" as my parents called it. I would get scolded once in awhile for saying things that were supposedly our family figurative undergarments; but even now it was never… Continue reading Airing my dirty laundry


Self-Preservation and Self-Defense

Today I went to my first Self-Defense course - or like the instructor preferred to call it "Self-Preservation and Protection." I've long wanted to do such a thing knowing full well if I were in an attack situation I would likely not make it out without sheer luck. The course was held by Ruth and… Continue reading Self-Preservation and Self-Defense