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Scary eyes

Now - back to some more regular programming. LOL as in - not just a whole bunch of pictures. Back to old themes and old memories - or in this case memories forgotten. In my first Treasures post, I mentioned a journal entry in one of the journals I shared with Anneke. It was a… Continue reading Scary eyes

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Several years ago I had a man tell me that I wasn't his type. That in and of itself was not a terrible thing - I've had several guys say that at some point... Not entirely pleasant either... buuuut.... With this man it really stung. It was the way he said it. It made me… Continue reading Girl-That-Looks-Like-Me


The kids are all alright

A few days ago, Andre posted something on Facebook that got me thinking. He posted a thank you to his friends for helping him rise up out of a state of "crippling self doubt and recrimination." He mentioned how "extremely harshly" he judges himself and went on to thank people for inspiring him and supporting… Continue reading The kids are all alright