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Weird Couch Fever Dream

I slept like shit last night you guys, and let me tell you why. Well, first of all I'm sick - so that didn't help things, but... since I'm sick and feared being contagious to hubby, I slept on the couch. I had a new bottle of Paxil in the living room so I took… Continue reading Weird Couch Fever Dream

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Doing my morning self an injustice

Heavy eyes staring at my almost empty coffee mug while I silently will the caffeine to kick in. I stayed up much too late again last night. I mentally kick myself for doing my morning self this injustice… I do it mentally because I am too weak from exhaustion to actually kick myself. I finish… Continue reading Doing my morning self an injustice

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Glorious Sleep

This week has been rough. I've mentioned before about my depression struggles Ive had over the years - with the last several having the struggle occur mostly between February - April with the eye of the storm being around St Patrick's day. This year is strange though. Previously it would be a depression and anxiety… Continue reading Glorious Sleep