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To Save My Own Hide

"Okay, Mum, you can go now," I said flinging my hand out in the direction of my bedroom door. "I will," she said. "After I use the bathroom." She headed towards the bathroom situated in the far corner of my room. Shit. Federica and I had been tossing our cigarette butts in the toilet and… Continue reading To Save My Own Hide


I’m exhausted, frequently, with no regrets

Started writing this a couple months ago; a description of myself to be honest. A true account of a Friday afternoon at which time I thought "Huh, maybe I could write about this" haha  - about time I finished and posted it for y'all 🙂 Enjoy. (featured image of the road discussed herein from AusEmade… Continue reading I’m exhausted, frequently, with no regrets

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  I started smoking when I was 15. I lived in Ethiopia, and one of my Italian friends was a pack a day smoker. I thought she was cool and chic, and thought "Why not?" when she offered me my first. It took a little while before I became a pack a day type smoker… Continue reading Vices