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Bring on the Tacky Shit

"I dream he has his hand around my neck, his face close to mine with that determined gaze of his. I know he doesn’t ever think about me anymore. I know that these dreams are irrational, especially now that the likelihood of us ever being in the same city again is slim – that’s what… Continue reading Bring on the Tacky Shit

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St Patrick’s day, 2016

I've mentioned before my hatred for St Patrick's day and how I tend to get depressed this time of year, culminating on St Patrick's day. But this year feels different. First of all, I kept just... forgetting that's what today was. I also was in a pretty good mood - certainly didn't hurt my mood… Continue reading St Patrick’s day, 2016

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Fettisdag, Mardi Gras…

Well, Fuck. I felt a brooding emotion start simmering over the past few days and I couldn't put my finger on why. Maybe it's just PMS... But no. Quick check your calendars: Fat Tuesday is set for just a couple of days after my birthday this year. Thus comes Lent, which will take us through… Continue reading Fettisdag, Mardi Gras…

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“Erin Go Bragh” Part 2

  St Patrick's Day 2015 and I've made it so far. I've made it so far without falling into the annual chasm of depression. I have had some low days, but not nearly as bad as years past. Perhaps the fact that I am in Australia and the St Patrick's day shenanigans are more muted… Continue reading “Erin Go Bragh” Part 2

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“Erin Go Bragh”

St Patrick’s day spells regret. Each year the ridiculous glitter green accessories seem to fill the store shelves a little earlier than the year before. I know realistically that is not true, but every year it takes me off guard and I feel a pang in my chest, a weakness in my soul as I… Continue reading “Erin Go Bragh”