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The feels… They hurt: Stockholm

I have a note to myself that indicates I should remember that I wanted to write about that time a car came through a window of an establishment, narrowly missing me - as my next blog post returning from Reblogging Rae for the past two weeks. Instead, it seems crass at the moment to write… Continue reading The feels… They hurt: Stockholm

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Welcome to Sweden

Hubby-mine introduced me to the show "Welcome to Sweden" a few days ago. I feel like I had heard something about it and must have thought "Huh, cool, I'll have to check that out." And then had subsequently forgotten about it. For those of you that may not have heard of it; it is a… Continue reading Welcome to Sweden


A Vision in Aquamarine

  It's funny what memories suddenly come back to you when you spend some time thinking about old friends and places. Today I suddenly remembered a particular memory - a fleeting incident that happened when I was about 17. No real significance is to be had from this memory, it is just an anecdotal moment… Continue reading A Vision in Aquamarine