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Revisiting Sandhamn

Over the weekend of July 13-15, I FINALLY got to go back to my happy place - Sandhamn. Really the island itself is called Sandö, Sandhamn is the main harbor area on one side... But I digress. This time, instead of just me an Svea, we had a full house! Hubs and I met an… Continue reading Revisiting Sandhamn

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I’m Baaaaaaaaack! :D

Hey y'all, I'm back from the most awesome vacay (in Scandinavia) I ever had! Woo! I will be back with you presently... well, sometime within this week to picture dump, err, post some blog posts all about my trip. I'm not sure yet if I want to go all out travel blog for a bit… Continue reading I’m Baaaaaaaaack! 😀

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I stated at one point, in a very privileged manner, on my 'About Emma' page that "My blog contains some entries that have to do with my travels – but not much. This is not a travel blog. It’s probably because I have had my own fair share of travel, and though there are still… Continue reading Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Merry Christmas Karl-Bertil

Ever wonder about who or what may have influenced your point of view/ideologies without you realizing it? Ever come across a piece of music or a video clip as an adult that you used to listen to/watch as a child - the themes likely going over your head at the time, but now, as an… Continue reading Merry Christmas Karl-Bertil

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From our ancestors come our names…

Karl Olov Englund was a large man with a full beard who worked in an iron factory during the week and was a Lutheran priest on the weekend. Olov was married to a lady named Emma Augusta and they had ten children, five of these children emigrated to the USA - one of which, Helga,… Continue reading From our ancestors come our names…

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En Svensk Tiger

Today I made a trip back to Main Street  - because it was TATTOO DAY! Woo! I finally got the tattoo I have been planning for several months and had booked the appointment as of two months ago. Big couple of days I guess, because I also bit the bullet and dyed all of my… Continue reading En Svensk Tiger

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The other day, I mentioned a guy that I had suspected was skinhead - but had no real proof other than his appearance. That memory is fuzzy, as I said, so maybe I did have more to base that assumption on that I just forgot... But regardless, it prompted another very clear memory for me.… Continue reading Bootboys

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Woefully Tattooless Reprise

Yesterday I mentioned that I am "woefully tattooless" and I would explain more about my tattoo aspirations. I've wanted a tattoo since I was a teenager, but it took me a long time to really decide on something I would want permanently on my person. Besides which, when I was 19 and dating my husband… Continue reading Woefully Tattooless Reprise


Eurovision, Bitches!

That time of year has come and passed again. I love watching Eurovision - such a spectacle, and usually I find a handful of songs I wish to continue to listen to even after the show is over. I usually watch both semi-finals and the final - Svea and Maja only watch the final, but… Continue reading Eurovision, Bitches!


Envious inadequacies

A few days ago I got into a group discussion that started with someone expressing their occasional jealousy when they see an old classmate of theirs post about their successful life on Facebook. The jealousy, I think, was based mostly out of the fact that in high school they were on par with talent and… Continue reading Envious inadequacies


Eurovision Y’all!

I've been a bit of a slacker with writing this week... but I have good excuse(s). First: my office is moving so I was busy at work getting ready for that... and Second: Eurovision, y'all! That's right, I am admitting to the entire world that I am a Eurovision geek right here on WordPress. The… Continue reading Eurovision Y’all!

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Welcome to Sweden

Hubby-mine introduced me to the show "Welcome to Sweden" a few days ago. I feel like I had heard something about it and must have thought "Huh, cool, I'll have to check that out." And then had subsequently forgotten about it. For those of you that may not have heard of it; it is a… Continue reading Welcome to Sweden


A Happy Memory #1 – Anneke and Heather

  “It’s your turn to sit in the back, Emma.” “Only if you put the top up!” I said as I climbed into the back of Heather’s convertible. It was the middle of Swedish winter and we had made Anneke ride in the back on the way there. Heather liked to put her heat full… Continue reading A Happy Memory #1 – Anneke and Heather