Long Awaited Update

Ok, so perhaps you all haven’t been long awaiting an update from me… But I have been waiting awhile to give you all a status update. No real reason for waiting except that I have been unmotivated for writing much lately. Every now and again I get a pang of wanting to sit down and write, but if I can’t do so immediately, the urge quickly fades. I want the motivation to come back in force – I have ideas to write out both here and on my fiction site… and especially my Zarah manuscript…

I unfortunately did not get as much written during my two week hiatus as I had hoped. I did at least get a fair bit of other stuff done around the house – a lot of productivity there – as well as focused a lot more on my relationship with the hubs and the kids… so the hiatus from blogging was not in vain. It really did free up more time than I realised I was spending on creating (hopefully interesting) posts for you guys!

Now I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging, so bear with me please if it seems I am not on here as often for a little while. I need to strike a new balance with my time and work it back into my routine. Who knew two or three weeks would change my routine so much??

On that note, I might as well mention I had to delete the WordPress app from my phone. It had increased to taking up nearly 2.5 GB of my phone storage!! It ever increases as more posts and pictures are added to my site. It literally saves all the data to my freaking phone! No other app even reaches a total of 1 GB by itself! Double-U Tee Eff, WordPress?? My phone reached critical storage limits and could not take photos anymore or update. It was still in the red after clearing out photos, videos, and even deleting some other apps like WhatsApp…. So WordPress had to go unfortunately. The reason I’m telling you all this is that this now means I will have to try to remember to check WordPress notifications periodically on my laptop instead of them coming to my phone… so it may take me longer than usual to respond. But rest assured I will continue to respond πŸ™‚

Ok, I feel like there was something else I was going to update you all on… but I can’t remember what it might have been now. Hmmm….

In other news, I of course told you about my new tattoo I got yesterday… It is still sore, especially when I move my arm around on that side… it’s difficult to reach myself for washing and applying the salve – so lucky hubs is around to help! LOL

Also, when I woke up this AM there was proof that my tattoo artist is no liar haha… He told me that the colours would bleed for a few days and would leave perfect imprints on clothes… check it out:


My Jammies are badass!

Also, I wanted to say (but don’t think I did yesterday??) that though I had this tattoo booked for two months, it seemed fitting that this week would be the week I would get it (after the Stockholm attack) and that his eye would look somewhat sad… That’s how it struck me when I first saw it anyway. Don’t you agree?


I’ll need to get a better pic now that the stencil lines are gone. I’ll wait till it’s all the way healed though, I think πŸ™‚

No Longer Woefully Tattooless

I’ve been wanting a tattoo since I was 17. I’ve told you all this before. I was never the type to jump in for such a permanent addition to my body without being absolutely sure I would love it forever… So I gave myself time limits to think on ideas and if I had any doubts by that time I would write off the idea.

That is why, at 19, when I started to date my tattooed husband, I was still woefully tattooless. …And he wished it to remain that way.

Mid-last year I recall telling you guys that I finally decided what I really wanted. I had been thinking about it for years and had yet to change my mind. So I brought it up to Jason again. At that time – after 13 years of marriage – he agreed that he wouldn’t mind anymore if I got one. The only conditions were to not do it in Alice… I had to wait until I was back in the US at a minimum. It would not only be cheaper, but I’d have more options as far as locations/artists, and most importantly the place in Alice was supposedly notoriously unsanitary – having been shut down more than once.


I have since tweaked the tattoo I wanted last year – still has the same image; I have just added to it. I have also since moved to Marinette, WI. Once we settled I looked up reviews of tattoo parlours in the vicinity, and it turned out the one in Marinette itself had very good reviews and the art posted on their Facebook was impressive. So I made a consult appointment on my birthday (Jason will be paying for my tattoo as a birthday present.)

The appointment has been made for April 12th with “Ryan 2” …I’m ΓΌber excited, naturally… but… Much closer to Paul’s April 6th birthday than my February 7th one πŸ˜› Sooo… Yay! Happy Birthday, Paul, present for meeeee!

Srsly though, I have been trying to remain patient. I’ve waited 17 years after all. Well, today the parlour posted on Facebook that they had some walk in times available.

I had been thinking about a particular phrase I wanted as well, thinking I’d wait till after my other planned one… but… the opportunity presented itself… and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have my first tattoo actually be a small one, before I settle in for a bigger one.

So I strolled back into Main Street Electric Tattoo Co in Marinette, WI


I got a spot with “Ryan 1” – the owner of said business – and handed him my slip of paper. It had the phrase I wanted, in my handwriting to keep it as one-of-a-kind as possible. I wanted the phrase “Nevertheless, she persisted” except… with it being such a prevalent quote at the moment, I don’t trust that other women wouldn’t get essentially the same tattoo. I would at least hope my body art will be more unique than not.

So I wrote it down in Swedish: “Hon hΓ€rdade Γ€ndΓ₯”

Not only do I love the quote in as far as the words having been said in the spirit of reprimand, yet the world has latched onto these words and turned them into praise. I have also connected with these words on a personal level.

I sent a bracelet to my sister, Finding Reverie, for her birthday this past week – yes we are both February babies – with “Nevertheless, she persisted” as well. My feeling was that regardless of the popular connotation, that she would be able to take those words as her own. Take those words as a reminder that she is a fucking strong woman that has made it through a hell of a lot in her 24 years. Like a Viking, Huah! …and hey, our people are Nordic… πŸ˜‰ Truth is, Reverie was in a very abusive relationship more recently that I. She still struggles with anxiety and the like because of it.

Side note: SHE LOVED IT. I am the most awesome biggest sister she has in the world! πŸ˜€

As we know, I too have had my struggles with my past abusers as well as the depression. These words remind me somewhat of the semi-colon movement… Though I have never wanted one of those tattoos because at this point soooo many people have essentially the same thing. I’ve showed you Vollie-Dan’s… My friend Mitch has one… another friend Tiffany has one (though to be fair hers is more elaborate, so that’s cool.) As I’ve said… I’ve never wanted matchy-matchy type tattoos.

Anyway, that is my reasoning behind this brand new tattoo… and, naturally, I have pictures for you. Enjoy!

My stenciled wrist drying and eagerly anticipating the start… and Ryan 1 at work. It was… uh… stingy. LOL… Stingy, but manageable.

My view from the chair – Ryan 1’s work space.

Ryan 2’s work space and the wall behind the register… I just love their decor.Β  Unfortunately I did not take pictures of everything. Check out their FB page linked above for further examples if you are so inclined.

Oh, of course… I need to show you the finished product!

Hmmmm… apparently I need to update my manicure. Ignore that, why don’t you? πŸ˜‰

So anyway, now all there is to do is let it heal and wait patiently for my bigger tattoo. I’ve got my salve… and… the only fragrance free soap I could find in my house was a Swedish egg soap …fitting? LOL. I’m ready to go…

and Hey! Stinging subsided quite awhile ago; regardless, it was worth the pain and worth the ability to say “I persisted” despite it.

Woefully Tattooless Reprise

Yesterday I mentioned that I am “woefully tattooless” and I would explain more about my tattoo aspirations.

I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was a teenager, but it took me a long time to really decide on something I would want permanently on my person. Besides which, when I was 19 and dating my husband I spoke of my wish to get a tattoo – before I even saw that he had some – and he told me he didn’t want me to get any. He showed me one of his tattoos – a pornographic image that takes up his entire upper arm… A woman dressed in only thigh high boots and a snake wrapped around her seductively… Each with their tongues extended towards each other – he got it while drunk on shore leave in Spain. He regretted getting it… though I don’t think it was the image itself he regretted; rather the size. He planned for it to be smaller. The bottom part cannot be covered when he wears short sleeves.

On his other bicep was a vintage looking topless mermaid with anchor. Stereotypical just-out-of-Navy-bootcamp tattoo, that one.

He also told me about how he had successfully kept the more offensive tattoo from his mother for a time… until she caught him walking from the bathroom to his brother’s room after a shower one day when he was visiting. She yelled at him that no one would want to marry him with something like that on his body. (Guess he proved her wrong… and though it never offended me, I also forget it’s there half the time… part of the scenery now, haha.)

He stated that he thought I might regret getting a tattoo, but in truth I think it was he that preferred me tattooless… as we got more serious/got married he would appear more annoyed at the idea if I brought it up. So I haven’t gotten one, though I’ve had a couple in mind for several years now. I think I’m set on them as I have not changed my mind for quite awhile.

So I mentioned it to my husband again recently. He has mellowed to the idea and stated that he in fact was planning some more for himself. He can’t very well say no to me now. His main objection was that he would prefer me not to do it in town… He’s seen tattoos done at the local place and they are of varying quality and apparently much more expensive than we would pay anywhere else. So he wants me to wait till we go back to the US – more options, less expensive… Though a new place apparently opened in town just after we had that conversation…

The only other thing though, is that he objected to the location of the first one I want… I want one on the front side of my shoulder. Same placement as Svea’s first tattoo that I went with her for when we were 18 or 19. Mine would be a different design of course. Jason stated that I wasn’t allowed to tattoo my boobs (I wouldn’t want to anyway), and that the front shoulder is too close to that area… it would ruin the visual effect of my boobs. Srsly.

The first tattoo that I want to get would semi match two of my sister’s tattoos. They both begged me and my other sister to get matching tattoos with them on our ankles. I’m not much for matching tattoos… and my other sister laughed and said “What makes you think I’d do that? If I get it, it’ll be on my ass instead!” So the two got their tattoos… matching but different styles. The three crowns of Sweden is what they got – both different versions of the crowns.

I have since found a style of the three crowns that I actually really like and I would put that on my body, however; I will still refuse it to be on the same body part. I refuse to be that matchy-matchy.


I’d want these styled crowns…. Without the “SWEDEN.”

Later… or at the same time should it prove cheap enough, I also want heart beat lines with my children’s names in… Like, one line with be the QRS complex/P wave then daughter’s name in cursive, and then the next line would be opposite – son’s name then QRS/P. Though I have no idea where I’d want that just yet. I kind of like forearm placements, but I also am not sure that would be as easy to cover up when need arises.

So we’ll see. Hopefully after nearly 20 years I’ll finally get a tattoo. Watch this space come December πŸ˜‰

Woefully Tattoo-less/Rock Tape

Screw it. I write when I relax and I might have even a little idea of something to write… And today I had an early day off of work and extra time on my hands without children.

My day started off a little iffy… I discovered when I got to work that I had put my panties on backwards this morning… I mean… I didn’t have my usual coffee… and once I realized this, the horrible wedgie that had occurred made so much sense HAHA

Though this made me question whether or not I had the ability to adult for the day, after I adjusted myself as necessary the day only got better.

We had a short work day – Three hours of actual work, got my stuff done, and then the whole department went out for a picnic lunch and a team building afternoon at the park. It was frigid with the wind (Australia…Winter), but we had our coffee and we had jokes. It was a good time.

Afterwards I went and did a bit of shopping for myself… because… I can and payday was yesterday πŸ™‚

One thing I went to get was some more Rock Tape – sports tape – because I got some with the sugar skull design a few weeks ago and I was hoping they’d have more. I had bought the last two of that design at the time and since I am such a nice person I gave one roll up to a fellow Jiu Jitsu/MMA girl that admired it. LOL

rock tape

Isn’t it a cool design?? πŸ™‚ I love sugar skulls… My cigarette case, my lighter holder, my ashtray… my key chain… all reflects this love. Obviously I saw this and thought “Yay! It matches me!” haha… Also, considering many of the others at the gym have tattoos… and I am still currently woefully tattoo-less (I have had some planned for years now, but my husband won’t allow me to until we’re in the US… Hopefully I’ll get one at the end of the year. I’ll write more about that later.) and skull tape is probably the closest I can be to a tattoo design on my person… hahahaha


Anyway, my right ankle has been hurting all week… I’ve twisted this ankle at least three times in my life and the pain flares up usually when it’s cold or sometimes when it’s is especially stormy. It’s been cold in Alice this week, as I said.

I didn’t want to waste/use up my sugar skull tape so I went to see if they had gotten more – they hadn’t and they’ll be ordering me some, but it likely will take a couple of weeks to arrive… So I got a couple other designs to avoid the wasting of the skulls.



The pharmacist had no idea what sport tape even was, so I gave him a brief lesson on it and showed him how you use the sample packs; he was impressed… Haha, I feel so smart… Though I’m positive there are others that would have been much more knowledgeable on the subject.

I’ve been thinking about doing a sports medicine class with my youth at St John actually… use of sports tapes etc anyway… as that is something the volunteers do on duty sometimes. Especially during the Finke Desert Race (a huge annual motor sport around these parts) But I need to find someone who is more knowledgeable to teach a whole lesson for sure.