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I’ve Caught The Feels

The thing is, for many years, I built up my walls and buried emotions deep down... I'd remain calm and like a duck out of water, I'd let a whole lot of stuff roll off my back. Eventually my suppressed emotions would bubble over until I breathed fire if and when certain people stepped over… Continue reading I’ve Caught The Feels

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Emotional Response

Last night I submitted a post to be a guest writer on another blog, and in the meantime I wanted some feedback while I wait for it to be published. I suppose that it's a bit backward and I should have looked for feedback before submitting it, but oh well. I was telling Maja about… Continue reading Emotional Response


Goddamnit, I can’t.

I was in such a good mood earlier today - most of the day. Then this evening something happened and it all spiraled down. I've had my angry inhaling of a couple cigarettes. I've had my slamming of doors. I've had my tears. I curled up on the couch and watched "Short Term 12" and… Continue reading Goddamnit, I can’t.