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Reblogging Emma: Being Desdemona

Last time I reblogged myself was 2017, so I think it's not too soon to redo a reblogging series again now... While I am working on some new content, please enjoy some of my older content over the next several days that I have not reblogged before 😉 (Aug 13, 2016) Today I was out… Continue reading Reblogging Emma: Being Desdemona

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Othello has an Iron Jaw; or I kicked him in his Face

As I said: Vladimir was Iago, and John was Othello. I was so irritated with John because he had only shown up for one rehearsal. I was dreading the show because I was so sure he’d end up fucking it up because I thought he didn’t care. At the last dress rehearsal he was not… Continue reading Othello has an Iron Jaw; or I kicked him in his Face

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My Dream Part

I realized recently that for those of you that haven't read my books - especially the first one - don't yet know about my love affair with the Theatre. Not much about it anyway. While the Theatre is usually referred to in the feminine sense, I think it's safe to say the stage used to… Continue reading My Dream Part


That Rugged Irishman

**Note this has been edited - for some reason I remembered this man as being Welsh and originally wrote it as such. I have since been corrected by no less than three people. Seems their memories out number mine - so here you go with the update 😉  So I was thinking about the whole possibility… Continue reading That Rugged Irishman


When I grow up

When I was a young girl and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up; I could rattle off my top three professions I wished to be - An Actress, a Chef... and something else I can no longer recall. Needless to say, none of those came true. As I… Continue reading When I grow up