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God, just move on already, Emma!

I've been sitting here for an hour, one sentence written - since deleted. I've had this vague sense of what I would write about, but it's hard to express the swirling thoughts about it in my head. I've had the passing thought about the topic for a few days, and then today I stumbled upon… Continue reading God, just move on already, Emma!


Vulgar Things

Ever look at someone and think... Well, no, what I thought when I saw his picture is probably not kosher to relay on a blog or where anyone that only moderately knows me may read. Or, you know... like my mother might see or something. I suppose I'm not above writing vulgar things, even here,… Continue reading Vulgar Things

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Internal Conversation

(As promised... a narrative. Explicit language used liberally, FYI. ) Fuck. When was my last period? The thought dawned on me suddenly. Counting back, trying to remember... Fuck. I think it was around Kate's birthday? ...Right? No? ...Yes, yes it was... 1...2...3...4...5... Fuck, I would be a week or so late by now. Should I say… Continue reading Internal Conversation