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A Feminist When it Suited Her

I came across this image while scrolling on facebook, this international women's day, attached to a Swedish news article ( - Vilhelm Stokstad) and at first I thought OMG I want that necklace. Because, hey, I'm a sucker for pretty, classic silver necklaces. But then I had a memory. A memory of obtaining a pin… Continue reading A Feminist When it Suited Her


Heed the Warning: The Handmaid’s Tale

"We never wanted the show to be this relevant," said Elizabeth Moss - speaking of her upcoming show (April 2017) based on The Handmaid's Tale; a novel Margaret Atwood wrote in 1985. She wrote about a dystopian society - one in which American women have lost their rights. No, not just the right to vote… Continue reading Heed the Warning: The Handmaid’s Tale


I want to vomit

In case it isn't clear what my political leanings are, I just wanted to hop on here really quickly using my roaming data to express to you guys how terrified and disgusted I feel... and I just got moved into the middle of Trump country. My husband doesn't understand my tears... I can't even sit… Continue reading I want to vomit


Telling our stories

...I just wrote this whole fucking thing out and hit publish... only to have WordPress delete all of my text in the process. Awesome. Let's try this again, shall we? Do any of you remember when I wrote about how I think girls should tell their stories? Their stories in respect to the various behaviors… Continue reading Telling our stories