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When one has a boyfriend…

Oh my goodness you guys, I completely forgot about something. I was going back through old messages between myself and Maja trying to find some particulars we discussed about a memory I was planning to write for you today (still will do if I am able to construct it in time) and I came across… Continue reading When one has a boyfriend…

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You guys... I swear I've been trying to write something for at least an hour... But...Youtube. Goddammit, youtube! I was drawing a blank on what to write and was playing around on the net,as you do, when I suddenly remembered Svea suggested last week that I needed to check out "Volbeat." A Danish rock band… Continue reading Volbeat


A friend like Drew

I have spent an ungodly amount of hours on youtube again this week... and I have discovered some gems I'd like to share with you all. First off, check out these absolutely effing hilarious guys... Drew Gasparini is the one playing the piano and is the one who writes the lyrics and composes the music...… Continue reading A friend like Drew


Vi måste Dansa, DANSA!

The unfortunate fact is that I am a married mum of two young kids and that severely restricts what I can and can't do for New Years Eve festivities. Partially for decorum's sake, partially also I don't have the fluid cash flow to take me to Stockholm and go out dancing with Maja as I… Continue reading Vi måste Dansa, DANSA!


“A Love Lesson”

I've been reading Tyler Oakley's new book "Binge." While I wish I had time to sit down an read it in one fell swoop - I can't because of busy, but when I do I *ahem* Binge on it. While the book is much as a fan of Tyler would expect - lots of sex… Continue reading “A Love Lesson”


Mads Veslelia

So, I came across a new hip hop artist through facebook yesterday that I am now completely in love with. I would love for you all to check out his stuff and spread the word about him. It appears that he already has a good following in Norway - where he is from - but… Continue reading Mads Veslelia



Last night I posted a Facebook Status about what music I might be in the mood for that night. The majority of my music based statuses are relatively humorous, most of the time. At least my friends think so. I said “Was debating whether it was gonna be a good ole country boy kinda night… Continue reading Constance


Greetings Proud Sons of Rome

Greetings Proud Sons of Rome! …Errr… Sorry… Been watching too much of “The Golden One” on youtube lately. The Golden One, also known as “Latsbrah” is a Swedish hulk of a man that primarily does vlogs as motivational tools within the body building community. Why the hell would I be watching such a vlog, you… Continue reading Greetings Proud Sons of Rome